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Sunday, February 10th, 2008


如何写一封安慰信。How to write a letter of sympathy.


写安慰信是有秘诀的–A letter of sympathy is also a letter of empathy, helping people get through tough times by showing them that they are not alone. They gain strength from knowing another person (you, the writer) has gone through something similar and survived, or at least understand what is happening and how they feel about it.


Dear Arnie,

Your brother told me that, despite a great audition, you didn’t get the lead in the senior play.
But as the understudy, you should learn the role as if you did have the lead. After all, people
get sick. (They even break legs — hence the show-business expression, “Break a leg!”)

And even if you do not act in this show, mastering such a difficult role as Robespierre will
serve you well in your future acting endeavors.

I had a similar situation in school, though in a different area: I wanted to be editor of the school
paper, but the teacher in charge picked another student.

I was crushed, but kept writing — and as you know, I now have a regular column in my industry
trade paper. So persistence pays!

By the way, it’s time you came into New York to see your old uncle. Pick whichever Broadway
show you want. The tickets, and a great dinner, are on me — my treat.

Feel better, smile, and keep up your spirits. You are great, and that’s all that matters!

Uncle Andy

(选自:Robert W. Bly: Webster’s New World Letter Writing Handbook, 2004, p.42)

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Thursday, January 24th, 2008


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Saturday, January 19th, 2008






Beautified life. Plain English.

什么是纯洁英文?就是Plain English, 没有被政客、律师、商人、新闻人糟蹋的英文。

开张了,So be it.

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